My Thoughts Leading Up To My Own Private Practice

I was never a blogger or a writer for that matter. I was never very good at expressing my feelings or my thoughts. But I felt that I needed to try something new, especially since I am beginning something new. So today, I'll be talking about my thoughts leading up to me opening up my own private practice and leaving the safety of my full time job and taking what I consider a another major leap in life (yes I did a major leap before, more about that in another post though).

In November 2017, I had my first encounter where I truly questioned my purpose as a Registered Dietitian. I wondered if I wanted to stay in a hospital? Did I want to work in community nutrition? What about corporate wellness? Should I just work in an outpatient clinic? WHAT DID I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!? I loved my boss and my direct coworkers, but it was no longer enough. In January 2018, I had my first encounter where I questioned my career goals. Did I really enjoy working for someone? Did I really enjoy having so little interaction or nutritional care of my patients? Then I decided that change was required and here began the true changes leading up to my private practice.

I had so many questions, so many options, and the stress was finally building up. It was now or never. So in June 2018 I decided to go. The stress and the unhappiness that many of my friends who are also dietitians experienced have finally driven me to take on the risk. I wanted to do more. I have always had some experience doing outpatient and I always felt so satisfied helping patients by talking to them not just about nutrition but everything. Because realistically, everything in life affects our food intake. Things like income or lack there of. Access to food, do you live in a rural area? Do you have a car? Do you have food allergies? There is so much that comes into play. I wanted to help people with that.

In November 2018 I officially left my full time job. I was on my own, I was talking to doctors, nurses, physicians assistances, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, etc. I wanted input on everything. How come I don’t have a lot of clients? How can I start accepting insurance? Why don’t all my clients come back for a followup? What am I not offering that others are? So many questions. But in the end, the questions and answers meant nothing really. Because in the end it all just depended on what I wanted. How did I want to run my practice? What types of clients did I want? What did I have to offer to them that made me valuable? Overall most importantly, what makes me happy doing what I’m doing? Because I felt as long as I was happy doing it, my clients would feel and understand my passion for helping them.

So maybe in the beginning it’s hard because there’s not income. In the beginning it’s hard because everyone wants you to make them a meal plan. In the beginning it’s hard because everyone expects you to give them a cure to whatever they’re going to accomplish. But in the end, I stood by my theories. I stood by my concepts. And I continue to provide help in the best ways I knew how.