Nutrition Consults and Packages

Maybe you're looking for some basic information about how to eat or maybe your doctor said you have to improve your A1c. We offer consults A La Carte or through a number of different packages. Whatever your nutrition related goals are JetSet Dietitian is here to help you!


What you need to bring for your office Visits

  • Bring any vitamins/minerals and herbs that you take

  • Bring any labels for unusual foods that you eat regularly or that you want to ask about (e.g. meal replacement beverages, protein powder, sports bars)

  • Don’t forget health insurance card, blood glucose logs, prescription list, and recent labs, if applicable.

Dim sum and soup dumplings

Office Visit A La Carte

Initial Consultation
During the initial consult, a complete assessment of your overall health and lifestyle is completed, which includes discussion of nutrition, medical and weight history, pertinent labs and medications, and the client's health and nutrition goals.  The client’s daily nutrition needs and thorough explanations of how to best meet the needs. A nutrition plan is created together, which includes handouts and recommendations to empower clients to reach their goals.

Follow-Up Consultations
Follow-up appointments is based on the unique needs of each client and typically includes a review of the meal plan, discussion of the food log and current dietary intake patterns, weigh in, and monitoring of progress. 

**Special pricing for offsite visits and telehealth consultation


Nutrition Packages

Ask us about our package pricing! Introductory package pricing available starting at 4 sessions and up. We offer these packages to make sure that we’re truly a good fit to help you meet your goals.


Grocery Tours

Grocery Store Tours
Individual and group grocery store tours can be tailored to your unique needs, including those of specific health conditions like diabetes, food allergies, weight management, gluten-free/Celiac, and vegetarian/vegan diets.  Grocery store tour activities include meal planning, food and ingredient selection, food label reading, time-saving and shopping tips.