Studying for the Certified Diabetes Educator Exam - Post 1

What a thrill. I finally quit my full time job. In fact, I went and quit all my well paying jobs. And I am officially focusing on the bigger picture. My private practice and passing the certified diabetes educator (CDE) exam. I found out two things about myself during the past few weeks after the start of the new year:

  1. Being in the workforce again made me unable to properly study. I have lost the skills to study. Did you even know that’s actually a thing? I literally forgot what am I suppose to do to properly study.

  2. I really had next to zero free time when I held onto a job. Compared to have a job versus not I suddenly find myself being able to focus a lot more. Note to self, free time = great time. Having free time allows for me to reset. I’ll never allow myself to not have my freedom to reset as needed.

So as I find myself knowing more about myself I have started to collect my thoughts to study. First thing I signed up to take online courses for the CDE, purchased study guides, books, and made sure to up keep my American Diabetes Association membership for resources. Secondly, I bought a paper scheduler. Yes, they’re actually really useful when you want to just flip through pages and determine what your schedule is looking like. And lastly, see if you have a partner in crime! I have been so lucky to have two friends who are looking to take their CDE. They keep me grounded, hold me accountable, help me when I don’t understand something and vise versa.

I plan to take it June 2019. It seems so far away, but it’s already mid-January time is FLYING by. But I’ll keep posting as I continue to study. For anyone else out there that’s also studying :) You’re not alone.